Time Management for Managers

This workshop is for managers who want to maximise their effectiveness and minimise their stress. Many time management courses focus on removing yourself from interruptions and distractions but any manager will tell you that this is very difficult to achieve - after all, working with and achieving things through others is the real job of a people manager.

This workshop offers a different perspective to the busy manager, focussing not on avoiding your colleagues but working with them more effectively. This means identifying the important things that need to be planned, discussed and prioritised before they become problems, improving how the entire team manages time, improving morale and achieving better results.


  • How your own time management directly affects the performance of your team
  • Common time management problems, their causes and what you can do about them NOW
  • Management behaviour that enables you to invest time rather than spend or squander it
  • Your team - working together not apart
  • Prioritise, plan and prepare for effectiveness
  • The Holy Grail - time management tools that are simple and extremely effective

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