Project Management

A project can be defined as something with a beginning, middle and end. Projects are there to achieve something different from routine management work, usually bringing about a change for the better, whether that's improvement, a better way of doing something or a pilot to provide or disprove a business idea.

Project management requires a specific set of skills and behaviours that are different from day-to-day management. Communication when leading a project tends to be more focused, more complex and more time sensitive, planning is to tight timescales and there is typically a greater reliance on stakeholders and partners. This workshop guides you through the project lifecycle and the challenges and opportunities at each stage, enabling you to avoid some of the common mistakes that can get in the way of a successful project.


  • BEFORE you start your project - research; stakeholder engagement; challenging assumptions, identifying risks and planning for success; what will success look like for your project?
  • DURING - performance management communication, continuous improvement
  • AFTER - finishing a project, learning lessons, acknowledging contributions, moving on

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