Positive Thinking Course

Skills for Success

Skills 4 Success is an informal but challenging programme aimed at identifying individual barriers to confidence and success and helping people to overcome them. The programme can be delivered as a four-day course or in bite-size chunks and tackles key issues such as self-esteem, fear of failure and lack of motivation.

We have run courses for people recovering from mental health problems, people with addictions to drugs or alcohol and long-term unemployed adults, as well as those who have simply lost direction or fallen by the wayside. One delegate commented “I feel I have escaped from the dark” and another described it as having been more useful than two years with his therapist!

Self esteem and confidence are central to understanding how we see ourselves and others, and the habits we form make all the difference to our success and well-being. The discussions and exercises that make up Skills For Success can make a real difference for anyone who wants to change things for the better.

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