Managing Conflict and Difficult People

Conflict is inevitable and no manager can avoid it. This workshop argues that conflict is also necessary to progress if managed effectively. We will give you the skills to manage conflict and handle difficult people to get the best result possible from each situation. This is an interactive session in which you are encouraged to bring us your most challenging problems and find a solution for them.


  • Avoiding unnecessary conflict and making sure you don't become the 'cause' through your own behaviour
  • Understanding interpersonal relationships and what is going on 'beneath the surface'
  • The power of 'self-talk' in being a confident communicator
  • Principles of assertiveness and 'adult' behaviour
  • 'Game players' - how to spot them and how to 'beat' them
  • The key behaviours for conflict resolution
  • How to avoid focussing on the problem and focus instead on the solution

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