Management and Leadership

A recent survey showed that Britain's 4.8 million managers are the largest occupational group in the UK (something that is sadly also true of unemployed managers). Yet only one manager in five is professionally qualified.

Managers are vital to the success of any organisation. Our programmes, whether you choose a qualification r a short course, recognise this and address the key insights, knowledge and skills that enable each manager and therefore each organisation to benefit from better results.

Managers and leaders are role models. Over time, as a manager, you will find that your team resembles you - so let's make that a positive for both parties! Better trained managers increase effectiveness, motivation and creativity throughout the team, reducing stress and increasing confidence.

We offer qualifications for leaders at all levels, some first line supervisors to senior managers. Just click the appropriate link for details of our accredited courses at Levels 2, 3 & 5. Or you could take a look at our interpersonal skills or contact us for a bespoke product tailored to your needs.

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Management
BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading
BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Management