Learner Complaints and Grievance Policy & Procedure

All clients/learners have the right to raise issues, which they feel are detrimental to their expectation of benefit, to which they are entitled, by being a member of the programme.

The Company accepts its obligation to investigate such occurrences and has defined a process by which clients may raise their concerns within the Management structure of the Company.

Clients / Learners are expected to respect that most conditions of the programme are as defined by the relevant apprenticeship standard and associated programme conditions and that the Company is not at liberty to redefine these. However, we accept full responsibility for investigating and resolving any complaints or grievances received and are committed to the highest quality of customer service for all learners, employers and clients. We will therefore take all necessary action to ensure that the experience of clients/learners is a positive one and that any complaints or grievances are resolved promptly and effectively.

Any client/learner who considers they have a grievance related to their programme or attendance at one of the Company’s Centres must first raise the issue with the member of staff who usually is their immediate contact. The member of staff will attempt to resolve the issue within two working days and report back to the client.

If the client/learner is dissatisfied with the redress offered, they have the right to place their grievance in writing to the Centre Co-ordinator.

Whilst deliberately there is no specified time limit for this stage of the process never the less the rule of reasonableness needs to be borne in mind and it would be exceptional for the client to exceed ten working days before raising the issue.

The Centre Co-ordinator (or their deputy) will investigate the complaint calling upon all those who have been a party to the issue. They will notify their decision to the client/learner normally within six working days. Should there be an unavoidable delay the client/learner will be notified in writing.

Should the client/learner find this decision unacceptable they have the right to appeal, within 12 working days by writing to the Company Secretary, who will constitute a local hearing.

The person nominated to Chair the Appeal will notify all relevant parties, call for and exchange written statements and submissions from all parties and attempt to have parties agree as to factual evidence. Once completed, the Chair will notify all parties of the outcome of the appeal, normally within 2 working days.

The client/learner may be represented or accompanied (at their own expense) by a friend, parent or guardian at any stage, providing they have given prior notification to the Company.

Should the client/learner find the outcome of the local inquiry to be unacceptable on a point of fact and fact alone, they have the right to once again write to the Chair within 5 working days, who will bring the matter to the attention of the SLT at their next meeting. The SLT will determine what course of action is to be followed.

Last updated: Learner Grievance Policy January 2019