Communication and Working Relationships

In leadership and management, communication is everything. Wherever there are problems within a team or organisation people will always blame poor communication. Conversely, when asked to talk about the best manager they have ever worked for it is always someone who was perceived to be an excellent communicator. What does this mean? We all communicate every day, but what does it take to be an excellent communicator?

This workshop is designed to enable you to look at your own behaviour as a manager and what it communicates to your colleagues. We will address communication as it affects 1:1 and group situations and face to face or remote.


  • 'Listen or your tongue will make you deaf' (Cherokee saying) - Understand the vital importance of 'active listening' in communication
  • The tools for effective communication and how to use them to maximum effect, whether face to face or via technology
  • Building rapport with others - how to be 'on the same page'
  • Establishing and maintaining trust - a vital quality for all effective managers
  • Information and knowledge - tools for involving the team and increasing participation
  • How to communicate effectively with your team to produce great results

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