Alan's Background

My first management position came in my mid-twenties when my then boss announced that I was being put in charge of three offices and thirty staff in three different towns. I remember walking into a busily chatting office, which suddenly went quiet as I walked the length of the building to my little office at the end. Most of them were older than me and knew more about the business than I did, and one or two of them (possibly correctly) thought they should be in my shoes. I had no training, at least not until a year and a half later when I was sent on a company-wide course for ‘new’ managers. I know there’s no substitute for the university of life but ‘sink or swim’ is not a great approach to preparing your people for high office I survived (just) and eventually thrived as I managed in a variety of organisations until I became a Training Director with a £12m budget and then deliberately took the challenge of being an Ops Director with a budget a tenth the size but way more real responsibility.

I learned all the time, and I’m still learning now. I Iearnt from that first promotion and from sitting in a newly polished office 15 years later with a fancy title and an entire organisation waiting for me to do great things. George Bernard Shaw said that experience is the name old people give to their mistakes and, as we all do, I’ve learnt from experience. I’ve also learnt from running a team that became the best in the country at what it did.

About Alan Hester Associates

In 2002 I founded Alan Hester Associates, fulfilling a long-held ambition to deliver the kind of training and coaching I knew managers at all levels need. Twelve years on we are working with new and experienced team leaders, managers and directors, facilitating team days and running accredited and stand-alone training and development across the South East and beyond. We work with a wide cross-section of clients too, from SMEs such as the fast-growing cleaning company KGB (South West Ltd), to community sector organisations and charities such as South Bucks Hospice Care to a major corporate player such as Deloitte.

Of course it’s not just managers who benefit from our development and support, and that’s why you’ll also find tailored provision for unemployed adults, people with mental health or confidence issues and motivational programmes for those at a crossroads. Other provision you’ll find here includes short courses on business and life skills such as handling difficult people, assertiveness, project management and train the trainer.

I believe that all of us can benefit from a fresh perspective on our lives, careers and challenges, and my pledge is that a training course from Alan Hester Associates will be interactive, practical and thought-provoking. It might be my company, but it’s your course. I hope you will find the information on our site gives you a reason to work with us on your way to achieving your personal, career or organisational goals.