Appraisal, Coaching and Staff Development

Sometimes 'appraisal time' can be seen as something that both parties survive rather than benefit from: for the busy manager it's yet another target that has to be delivered and for the appraise they may feel judged rather than involved.

For the business that genuinely engages with appraisals, however, they are a great opportunity to motivate, coach and develop your staff.

This practical workshop gives you the tools and understanding you need for effective performance management. By the end of the day you will have understood the purpose of appraisals, discussed what makes for the best appraisal process and had the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your own appraisal interview in a safe learning environment.


  • Appraisals and their role in performance management
  • Maximise the impact of your appraisals
  • Refocus your staff on the key business objectives
  • Increase your team's ownership of their roles
  • Agree and review meaningful objectives
  • Maintain productive working relationships

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